Mil Máscaras Oficial invites you to read the content of this section in order to make your shopping experience on this site more pleasant.

Sales: we are an online store that makes its sales exclusively through shipments.

Products: each one has different specifications, especially t-shirts, sweatshirts or other clothing; We ask you to review the size charts well, they are usually different depending on each model. Some images in Official Merchandise are digital and may not be the actual product, this is because for Pre-Launches or Pre-Sale we do not have the physical product, so digital is used, especially on t-shirts and mugs. Masks always show the actual product.

Products or sizes of out of stock shirts: Our merchandise is unique and unrepeatable, but we love our customers so you can contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Policy on the purchase of Professional Masks: The masks purchased in the store are sent with a personalized autograph with the Name and Surname of the person who makes the purchase order or if it is a gift for someone else, the indication must be indicated by the buyer in the window of special instructions for the seller that is displayed when a product is added to the shopping cart (Image shows below) or you can send us an email to facturacion@milmascarasoficial.com, or in the store chat to attend your petition.

Returns of signed products cannot be made since having a dedicated signature, they cannot be put on sale again in the store, so if any situation arises, it must be validated and a compensation adjustment will be made that complies with the clauses. marked on the Shipping and Returns page.

Mil Máscaras offers this plus to its fans of obtaining their signature with dedication. Likewise, a photo and video are sent by email with the dedication and digital certificate of authenticity of the product being purchased. The certificate of authenticity is Foliated and Validated to avoid its duplication and falsification. (We received the video and photo through the filter of the Wrestler's assistant, the store has no influence on it)

About the Dedication: The dedication signature is placed on the inner tab of the mask, there comes the space where the Wrestler has always signed professional masks. Mr. Personalidad puts his own name and surname, as well as the date and the acronym UPC that they mean (Only for collection).

Policy on Semi-Professional Line Masks: Semi-professional masks will be autographed at the face-to-face events of the Mil Máscaras Wrestler announced on their Official Social Networks.

Pending activities and dates will be resumed when the authorities so inform. Not before being responsible for everyone's care and health.

*The semi-professional masks and other merchandise products are in the warehouse, which the personnel close to the wrestler do not have access to, therefore autographs are not sent.

*Semi-professional Masks include a Physical Certificate of Authenticity that is included in the package to be signed at events.

*The use and care of this product is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Policy on Pre-Sale Modality: It works as a section in advance of products that are not for immediate delivery, or exclusive launches, which will be sent on the date stipulated in the product description itself.

In Professional Masks that appear with this Modality, the Client acquires it and immediately proceeds to send notification for the manufacture of the Mask Model purchased, its production of elaboration takes approximately 4 weeks (The manufacture is completely Handmade and of Quality).

If any model of Mask is not in this modality and appears as out of stock and you wish to purchase it, you can send us an email to facturacion@milmascarasoficial.com or in the store chat and we can gladly check if you have all the materials for its manufacture and thus be able to activate it, so that you can buy it.

In the same way, if you want a specific Professional Mask model that is not displayed in the store, you can request your manufacturing quote by email to facturacion@milmascarasoficial.com or by chat in the store and your request will be answered. .

If you purchase a product under this Modality, it cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts that are announced in the store after your purchase, since the product is manufactured immediately.

Taxes (VAT / VAT): Why does a tax appear on my purchase?

In some products a tax will be reflected. What is this about? As of June 1, 2020, Income Tax (ISR) and Value Added Tax (VAT) withholdings were applied to sales made online or E-commerce, that is, this type of business also pays taxes like any other. Business regulated before the Mexican Government.

Just as you pay VAT on your normal purchases in the supermarket, the same thing happens in electronic commerce based on the new regulatory laws. For this reason, a tax will be applied to some products that is also deductible for you as a buyer when requesting your invoice.

In other products, the tax is not displayed, so if you require an invoice for that purchase, the VAT must be increased for the preparation of the tax receipt.

Invoice Request: If you require an invoice for your purchase, you must send an email to facturacion@milmascarasoficial.com, indicating your order number, the necessary fiscal data (RFC, Company Name, Address, Telephone, Payment method and use of CFDI).

The requested invoices arrive at the indicated email address even at the end of the month of your purchase. It must be requested in the month in which the purchase is made, invoices will not be made outside of the month of purchase.

Payment Methods Thousand Official Masks: We have several secure and encrypted payment methods that prevent fraud, which are displayed when the client confirms the shipping address and proceeds to its calculation.

Payments through Bank Deposits: Make your payment through bank transfer or deposit at the teller window in any of the following accounts:

BBVA Bancomer
Masks San Productions S.A de C.V
Account No.: 0115126150
Card No.: 4555 1130 0909 8759
Interbank code: 012180001151261508

STP Bank (Payment Market)
Beneficiary: Mascaras San Producciones S.A de C.V
Code: 646020230186767536

Once the deposit is made, send us a photo of the proof of payment with the order number to the email facturacion@milmascarasoficial.com or WhatsApp (press number) 56 2416 5679. In both of these options you have 24 business hours to make your payment after your purchase, otherwise the purchase will be cancelled.

These policies and conditions are subject to constant change, so we invite you to review them periodically.