Purchasing Policy (Events, Experiences and Meet & Greet)

Official Thousand Masks invites you to read the content of this section in order to make your shopping experience at events more pleasant. All events reserve the right of admission. If the event suffers an unforeseen event due to situations beyond the organization of the activity, the event will be canceled or modified without prior notice and will act in accordance with the Policies of the organizing company.

- The Client expressly acknowledges and accepts that he will not be entitled to changes, refunds, returns or cancellations even in the event that the tickets purchased make use of them or not.

- After the purchase is processed, no cancellation, refund or changes of events already paid for can be made.

- The Client expressly acknowledges and accepts that he will only be entitled to reimbursement of the cost of the tickets in the event that the event for which he purchased the tickets is cancelled, with the understanding that in this case the client will be entitled to be reimbursed for the tickets. purchase charges.

- If the event undergoes changes in the agenda or prices, the refund will not apply.

- In case of reimbursement to a credit card, the purchase will be returned as a credit balance. The refund does not include additional service charges.

* In accordance with the terms and conditions of the company, only the cancellation will generate the return of the tickets.

* In the extreme case that the client cannot attend, an alternative that suits both parties can be negotiated. As long as the organizing company evaluates and considers the case necessary.

These policies and conditions are subject to constant changes, so we invite you to review them periodically.