How to buy in the Store?

The purchase process through the Store is very simple, we indicate the steps to follow:

- If you have already decided which product to buy, you have two options to be able to acquire it, the first is by adding it to your shopping cart in case you want to continue seeing what else you want to acquire, or if it is only that product you can press either of the two options Add to Cart or buy with PayPal .

- In Option 1 (Add to Cart) when you go to view cart you will see your product. In the box that says Special order instructions , it is only for the dedication part in the purchase of Professional Masks , for the other products it is left blank.

- We click on Pay Order.

- A new information window will open for you to correctly fill in your data for the shipping process (it is necessary to fill in each item so that the purchase and shipping notifications reach you correctly). You have the option to Save your information so that on your next visit and purchase you no longer have to fill it out again, just by entering your email the form will be filled in automatically. In the category of Apartment, premises, etc. you can place House, Apartment, Office or place N/A of not applicable . We click on Continue with shipments :

- When continuing with shipments , the window of the cost of the same will be displayed (Depending on the Country and Zone, the calculation is direct with our parcel providers), in the case of purchases of Professional Masks there is only one shipping option is that the Express and in the purchases of other products such as Official Merchandise or the Semi-professional Line , other options will be displayed. shipment to choose. If you have a discount code, you must place it in the window where it says code or gift card and click apply to activate it.

- By clicking Continue with the payment after approving the shipping cost, the different payment options that we have available for you will be displayed. They are all secure and encrypted.

a) If you select to pay through PayPal, Mercado Pago or Kueski Pay you will be directed to a new window of said payment platforms, you must enter your account information that you have with them so that the payment is applied correctly:

b) If you choose to pay by credit or debit card , a secure page will open for you to fill in the data. In purchases from $5,000 we offer you 3 months without interest, which are activated automatically when you enter your bank credit card information. There you can choose payment in a single exhibition or in months. At the end of your payment, you will receive an email proof of payment with your Purchase Order:

c) If you choose to pay by Bank Deposit or Deposits in Convenience Stores, a new window will open with the information and instructions for you to make your payment. When you click on finish order , the confirmation of your purchase order will automatically be sent to your email. You have up to 24 hours to make your payment, otherwise for system security, it will be canceled and you will receive an email with the canceled order.

- In Option 2 (Buy with PaylPal) the process is immediate because you access with your PayPal account, you must confirm your access data to accept the payment and your email will receive acknowledgment of your purchase order:

- In any of the 2 purchase options that you decide, you will receive an Order Confirmation email to the email that you have registered in the form, it is necessary to put one so that you receive all notifications of shipment, payments, etc.

Ready you have already purchased your products, remember that all notifications of the shipment of your product will arrive directly to your email , it is necessary that you be aware and that any questions review the Store Policies for any clarification.

Remember that you can contact us via direct chat in the store or the Official WhatsApp of the Store (press the number) 56 2416 5679

Or by email to / and on our official Facebook and Instagram networks.